Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Arrival in Paris

Arrival in Paris – Monday and Tuesday 9-5/6-2011
Well, after a long, long day of traveling from Cedar Rapids to Minneapolis and on to Paris on Monday and into Tuesday we arrived in Paris. The flight over was about 8 hours long, but neither of us slept so arriving at 12:30 AM our time we were running on autopilot. It was 7:30 AM here. Jerry had read about a bus/transfer to an area near the apartment from the airport so we braved that new experience. It was fine, once we found where it was loading. It cost E15 @ so E30 rather than E50 by taxi. (E is for Euro, which is worth about $1.41 US)
The bus dropped us off at Morte Maillot which is about 5 blocks from Don’s apartment and a big transportation hub. Jerry had the two small bags and the backpack, I had the large green one. We found the apartment without incident and met the new “gardien” or caretaker Jose. He speaks no English, we speak little French, but we figured out how to get into the apartment, etc.
We were starving, since the food on the plane was just about uneatable, so we took off immediately to Tante which is the corner Boulangerie (bakery), and the closest Shopi (grocery). Croissant, orange juice, water and diet coke in hand we went back to the apartment and feasted and slept for 4 hours. Upon awakening we unpacked, showered, and tried unsuccessfully to connect to Don’s wireless internet. Finally giving up we took off for a tour of the neighborhood.
The apartment is located between Avenue Foch and the Grand Armee (the extension of the Champs Elyesse) so there is lots to see, and much traffic, We walked and walked (thank goodness for my new ugly black shoes) down to the Arc de Triomphe and then settled on a café/brasserie that had wood grilled pizza. We were still jetlagged and wondering what to eat, and as most of you know, Jerry has a hard time deciding until he looks at EVERYTHING. We had a great ham/mushroom/olive pizza and a half bottle of wine. (really, we had 2 half bottles of wine, which I guess technically is a whole bottle, but who is counting?)
At the café we met a very nice couple from Toronto who, like us, had just arrived that day and were staying at the Meridian just next to Porte Maillot. We visited and exchanged information about Paris etc. They are staying in the city until Friday but are taking a tour, and then they leave for a cruise in Provence. They were about our age, so we had a lot to talk about, and I would be lying if I said the subject of grandchildren didn’t come up.
After another walk we headed back to the apartment with a chocolate éclair and a raspberry tart and another bottle of wine. We didn’t drink the wine (really!) but enjoyed the desserts, and headed for bed. I slept like a baby, but Jerry was up a lot during the night. Thank goodness for a separate living room!
Hopefully we can get the internet up and running in the apartment today. I am typing this on Word and then will transfer it to the blog when I find access. Also, Jerry’s new little camera jus stopped working after the pizza picture so we are down to one camera until we can replace his. Otherwise, everything is great. Enjoy the pictures of the apartment. I will take some more today on our travels. I think we will probably go to a museum or two.

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  1. Sooooo happy to hear you made it. I checked often last night and started to worry a it when I did not hear from you! LOVE the pics. It just makes me so happy to see Paris in the fall. Enjoy every moment and post lots of pictures and blogs. Love you guys. Beautiful days ahead in Iowa.
    Melissa Hess