Friday, September 16, 2011

Back "home" to Paris

Flew "home" (to Paris) from Florence yesterday into Charles de Gaulle Airport.  We are beginning to find our way around out there, but got caught in a HUGE traffic jam at about 7:40 PM that lasted until 8:15.  I don't think we went more than 300 feet during that time.  The French people on the bus were fit to be tied.

Arrived to a wonderful dinner prepared by Don and some great wine to go with it.  Chicken with Endive and wild mushrooms.  Outstanding.  Took a shower and fell into bed.  Did little or nothing today.  Got laundry caught up, unpacked, did a little walking around.  Donald was busy with business meetings, but took us to a fabulous little Belgian restaurant by the Arc du Triomphe.  Had (get this) herring, eel with herbs, some sort of fowl with stuffing, 3 cheeses, and a chocolate mousse with prailines and coffee.  I can hardly move, but it was great.  Walked back the 6 or 7 blocks in nice cool weather.

Tomorrow it is visit the impressionists again at the Musse du Orangerie, and the Marmottant musse.  Both places that we did not see our first trip.  Sunday we get on the fast train at 10:30 AM and go see Kristine Galiher in Amsterdam.  We will stay there until Tuesday.  Can't wait to see her.  We will stay in her apartment.  :-)

Thanks everyone for the good wishes and comments.  It is so fun to read messages from you all. No pictures today but I promise more tomorrow.   Au Revoire.  J & J

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