Saturday, September 10, 2011

Traveling and Roma

Yesterday, Friday, was a travel day and it took all day long! We got up in Paris at the apartment and cleaned, as Donald will be coming next week before we get back from Italy. Went to Tante for breakfast but my almond crossaint were sold out.  Darn!! AND the coffee machine was on the blink.  This was not a good start.

We went to Porte Maillot and caught the transfer bus back to Charles De Gaulle Airport around noon.  Arrived about 1:00 and waited in a snake line like a Disneyland ride to check in our bag.  We only had one, but it still took a long time.  Once through security (I got patted down and it wasn't bad!) we had some time to sit, and wait, and wait, and sit. Our plane was late getting in, so consequently we were late leaving.

This time we flew Air France.  Much nicer!  Free wine, ice in the drinks, lemon with the seven up, more seat room.  It took about an hour and a half to fly from Paris to Rome.  It was clear all the way so we saw the alps, the med, really beautiful!  Sat next to a man from Senigal who was (I think) getting married in Italy.  I say I think, because he spoke no English and my French is really pretty "hazy".  I am limited to, please, thank you,bring the bill,  and do you speak English?

Arrived in Rome about 6:30, found the train to downtown Rome and got on at 7:09.  That took about 45 minutes, and by the time we got to Termini station it was dark.  Our hotel was only 5 or 6 blocks away but we didn't know which way to go. Plus it was HOT and humid! And Jerry and I were pretty crabby.  Melissa was right, the taxi drivers were relentless, but we just kept saying no and walking.  After a long walk (really too long because we missed some streets) we found our Hotel Verona.  Room is nice, we have a balcony,and blessed air-conditioning.  After a quick shower we went down stairs to a restaurant next door.  We sat outside, and our waiter was so cute.  He spoke pretty good English and we had fun teaching each other phrases in each other's languages.

Dinner was amazing.....Mussels, salad, prosciutto & melon, and Fettuccine bolinaise (that's not right but.....).  A very nice wine. We fell into bed about 12:00.

Today is the Vatican tour and then venturing out to see the town.  The hotel guy, Marco, says the Colosseum is about 5 minutes down the street.  I can't wait. I will post pictures tonight.  Ciao!

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  1. oh I just read through everything you all are so good and really i can imagine and see each day I love the photos and wish we were there can't wait to see you in Muscatine keep up the travelogue I love it Judy J