Friday, September 23, 2011

Provence: The best for last.

We arrived in Arles, France yeterday about 1:45 PM after another ride on the TGV fast train from Paris.  This train was a little older, but just as fast.  It is baffling to me that Americans don't have this.  We traveled over 500 miles in 4 hours in relative comfort, could walk around, eat, bathroom, and visit, all the while this gorgeous countryside was going by.. I know more Americans would travel and see their own country if this was available.

Andrea Luhrs (friends from the lake's daughter) met us at the station which reminds me of a movie set.  Sunny, relatively quiet and sort of sleepy.  She drove us round and round the old city, trying to get close to our hotel, but in the end, we just got out and walked.  Arles is and old pre-roman, Roman, ancient mideval city, which means narrow (10 feet at most) cobblestone streets.  The town is famous for its still standing Roman Arenea (still used for exhibitions and bull fights) A Roman outdoor theatre, still used,Vincent Van Gogh, and many mideveal  sights.  Jerry and I are staying in a 14th century manor house, with a courtyard and marble floors.  It is gorgeous.  The pictures will never do it justice, but what an experience.

Yesterday, we tramped around Arles (which is relatively small, so it was no problem) and Mr. Geography  wanted to get the "lay of the land" which means every step or two he gets out the map.  It is great traveling with Jerry because I never need to know where I am.  The disadvantage is, I never know where I am.  We had a crepe (cheese and ham, yum) and a quiche (double yum) for a snack about 4:30 and then came back to our hotel D'Arlatan.  I rested and treated myself to a deep, deep, long bath and Jerry called people on the computer.  I think he misses having all you guys to talk to.  We have just about exhausted everything we know.

At 7PM Andrea came back to our hotel to meet us for dinner.  She had made reservations at a pretty fancy place about 12 miles out of Arles which has a Michelin Star.  That means highly rated, and I can see now, after eating there, what the difference is.  OMG!!!  Just the service was 10 notches up from what we were used to and the  It was a bit pricey but well worth the experience. The place has extensive gardens which provide the "freshest" ingredients and herbs.  A night to remember.  Andi drove us back to the city center and we walked back to the hotel.

Today is visiting Arles monuments, changing hotels (We are here only 1 night), and a fast trip with Andi after work down to Aix en Provence, which is close by and she has a meeting to go to so we will just hang out and then have dinner.  Can't wait!  Caio!

PS  I will try to post some pictures sometime, but probably not for today's post.

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  1. I am so happy you are there having fun!! I love that you take all the pictures and give us the update as you go!!