Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept. 21 in Paris

Slept in today (our usual) and had breakfast at Tantys down the street. Croissants here in Paris are still the best and we have tasted many.
The weather was nice so we visited the Eiffel Tower. It is spectacular. I have a fear of heights some times, so we did not go to the top, but went about 2/3s up. We took a lot of pictures which will be posted later. I could try to describe it but the pictures will be much better. (plus I can’t type)
This afternoon we took a bus down the Avenue des Champs Elysees to the beginning and then walked back to the apartment shopping all the way. Lucky for me Jean had too many designer stores to choose from and therefore we ended up buying very little. Really cool socks for me which are all the rage here and once you see them you will know why. I will be Jerry the sock trend setter for Manchester Iowa. One outfit at Blumarine was 15,000E and lucky for me my Cabelas card only goes to $10,000 so we passed. The Cartier Store sucked  Jean right in, but I managed to drag her out before she could get her credit cards out. The bottom line is cool socks, beautiful nails, and we will smell really good.

That was Jerry, Jean here now.  He types so painfully slow I had to take over.  Anyway, his blog is mostly true.....especially the part about buying nothing. The part about really cool soxs is..... possibly true. Note to self:  Shop with girlfriends.  

Anyway, we walked so much this afternoon we decided to stop for french fries (wonder who wanted those?) and wine on the way home.   They serve them with very spicy dijon mustard, which is really very good.  Then be bought a baguette and our favorite pate and came back to the apartment.  


  1. Your roof is almost done. It looks great. I love the color. I can't beleive you will be back in less than a week. I want to cry so I can't imagine how you will feel! Enjoy your last few days!

    Melissa Hess

  2. I am so glad to see you got back tp Paris ok and you are enjoying yourselves!